Business Investments

There are a wide range of investment types and accounts available to you. We will help you choose the best fit for your financial position and goals.

We are able to offer the following accounts:


Individual Pension Plan (IPP)

Retirement Compensation Account (RCA)

Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (GRSP)

Group Tax Free Savings Account (Group TFSA)

Employer Sponsored Pension (RPP)

Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP)

Please use the following link to access additional information, calculators and tools for the respective investment accounts that we can provide.

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We meet to discuss your financial situation and goals to determine what investments would best fit your situation. There is no cost for this.


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We explain the options and benefits of each investment option and allow you to decide how you would like to proceed.


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We will help you get your new investments set up and ensure you understand how to continue working towards your goals.